April 25, 2021

Proxmox setup notes, VM Import from ESXi6.7U2


Enable jumbo frames.

    Edit /etc/network/interfaces

        add "mtu 9000" to each interface

Configure APT to use the "No-Subscription" repository


Import VMWare VM's:


    download ovftool from vmware.com


    shutdown the VM on esx

    run the following command to create the OVF package in the current directory

        ovftool "vi://esxdell.wjw.local/Windows 10 - Minecraft" .

    wait for a while.... 1:45-

Import the OVF into ProxMox

qm importovf 200 Windows\ 10\ -\ Minecraft/Windows\ 10\ -\ Minecraft.ovf PVE-NFS15

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